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MKAL 2020 – 5th Anniversary

Hello,  I’m so glad on July 1st my annual MKAL begins, this time I am celebrating the 5th anniversary. It was very exciting to design this shawl, especially since I wanted to do something different, unique for the celebration. I used Ondine is a  hand-dyed yarn by Laia from @socunatroca, (50% silk + 50% merino) they are truly spectaculars.
This year there will be 5 winners of the FOs Giveaway when the challenge ends. I have 3 fabulous skeins of Malabrigo Yarns and 2 new patterns as prizes. If you finish the challenge and share the shawl blocked until September 3 in the ravelry group, you are participating!.

The pattern is available HERE

The pattern has 5 clues. Let’s start on July 1
You will receive the clues at the dates indicated on the schedule automatically on your ravelry library.
1st clue: 1 July / 2nd clue: 6 July
3rd clue: 13 July / 4th clue: 20 July
5th clue: 30 July / Deadline: 30th August

Giveaway: 3 September

Please, use #RamblaMKAL #susanalobosdesigns for posts on Instagram (you can tag me @susanalobosdesigns too) and other social media. Happy Knits!
Join us! on my Ravelry group to participate in the KAL. You will find help, encouragement, and inspiration with other knitters, click HERE 

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About my Inspiration

I want to show you a few spots of the inspiration, some photos that I took in my short stay in November 2019, when I attended the @BarcelonaKnitsFestival

Barcelona! What a city! 
One of my favorite spots in Spain. 
While being there is inevitable let yourself go by the emotion, the crowd in every direction, and all the colors. You feel intoxicated by the beauty of the old buildings and the modern touch in a perfect combination. Definitely, a cosmopolitan city that seems to move in a different rhythm. 

La Rambla is a street, a hike, a connection between the center of the city and the sea. In each street and corner, there’s a new discovery, new experiences waiting for you, people to know, and sensations that invite you to stay longer. 

On this design, I mixed my walks around La Rambla, its colors, and my experiences. I hope you find in its shapes and colors, part of the sensations I could feel back then, and make you feel inspired and full of its energy. Making you surprised along the process just like a metaphor from my travel. I hope I have filled you with inspiration, I wait for you in the challenge!

Regards, Susana